First holy Communion and confirmation 2025

Welcome to the parish sacrament preparation programmes of Oughterard!

The parish is most happy to welcome your children to our sacrament preparation programme for Confirmation and FHC 2025. This is a year for all of your family, not just the child making their Communion or Confirmation.

The organisation of a programme involving 3 schools is complex, and our volunteer core is quite small. Please, for a start, read the appropriate details below to help us get off to a good start. Then, click on the registration tab.

Please note the following requirements for full participation in the Confirmation and First Holy Communion Programmes

1: Baptism certs:

Fr Michael will need to verify your child’s baptism cert. If your child was baptised in Oughterard, unfortunately you may not have been given a cert. This should not have been the case, and in recent years has been rectified. We are happy to check the records for you. If you do not have a baptism cert and would like to have one issued, please go to the cert reissue tab in the parish office/admin tab on the top of the webpage and fill out the relevant information. A fee applies. 

If your child was baptised in Killanin or Moycullen, an email from these parishes will suffice, though a hard copy of the cert is preferred.

However, if your child has been baptised outside of these 3 parishes, YOU WILL NEED A CERTIFIED COPY OF THE BAPTISM CERT, VERIFIED BY US, BEFORE YOUR CHILD CAN BE CONSIDERED REGISTERED IN THE PROGRAMME. Your child of course will fully participate in all aspects of the programme while you organise this. 

2: Complete fully parent/guardian consent form

Completion of the SG-04 consent form is mandatory for Child protection. This form requires your child’s signature. Please organising printing and completion of this sheet.  Each parent/guardian will be required to present the completed SG-04 form on the night of official registration, date to be confirmed directly after Easter 2024. 

3: Adult Faith reintroduction evenings

It is almost impossible for your children to grow in their faith journey unless they are actively supported at home. Grandparents are an invaluable help, but cant substitute for a parents involvement. This being the case, I am asking all parents/guardians to come to a Catholic faith reintroduction evening, where the atmosphere will be one of listening, and answers being given by the parish priest to any questions. There will be 3 different evenings, hopefully that will suit all. More details to follow. 

4: Data Protection

The parish requires the medium-term retention of personal data for the running of the sacrament programmes. Firstly, names and addresses of parents/guardians, which are required for child protection forms and as a correspondence database for the running of the programme. this data will be deleted at the end of the programme May 2025.

Secondly, email addresses, for group communications requiring the use of streaming media and other material. It is asked that this data be kept for several years after the end of the sacrament programme, as follow-on material will be sent to families to build on what was undertaken this year. This is a requirement of enrolling in the programme, as the sacrament is a new chapter in a young person’s life, not an end in itself.

Thirdly, your mobile number, for on-the-spot communications, quick organising of bits-and-pieces and also for sub-groups dedicated to particular elements of running the programme. This data will be deleted at the end of the programme May 2025.

5: Mass attendance

There will be a roll book for the FHC children to sign before all masses. It will be found in the church, at the front near the sanctuary after mass is over. If a child has not signed in for a number of masses, clarification will be sought from the parents/guardians.

Confirmation children are expected to attend mass regularly, and to participate in some simple ways also, listed on their webpage. 

6: Volunteers

The sacramental preparation programme needs sufficient volunteers to run. If the programme does not run the parish will not be in a position to offer neither Confirmation nor First Holy Communion to the 6th and 2nd class children. Please indicate your willingness to get involved by emailing Fr Michael directly.

7: Cost of the year-long programme

The cost of the programmes is kept to a bare minimum, and is set at €25 per child. This is to be collected at the in-person registration directly after Easter 2024, date to be confirmed.

The cut-off date for pre-registration will be Friday 1st March 2024 at 18:00 for Confirmation candidates.. Children will not be able to able to receive the sacraments if not pre-registered by this date, but may participate in all events and masses. 



Below is from previous years. Not for 2023-2024

Material for you to download for FHC programme

As there is a lot of material to get through before 1st Communion we have broken up the THUMB book into worksheets. We estimate that 1-2 x 10 minute sittings per day, about 3-4 times per week is sufficient for your child. Please be available to read and answer questions with them when you can; its the best way for them to learn.

exercise sheet 1    exercise sheet 2
exercise sheet 3   exercise sheet 4
exercise sheet 5   exercise sheet 6
exercise sheet 7   exercise sheet 8