Reissue of certificates

For children wishing to make their First Holy Communion or Confirmation, or adults wishing to be married in a church, it will be required to present your baptismal and Confirmation certs. For the request of reissue of Baptismal and/or Confirmation certs for you or your child, please click on the appropriate link. Please donate something, however small, to assist the parish in alleviating high administration costs. Thank you.

Certificates or letters of reference

From time to time it may be required that parishioners, or family members of parishioners, may require a letter of reference or a proof of address for some particular purpose. Please note that the parish priest is not in a legal position to provide many of the requests made, but he will strive to assist whomever he can, in the limited time he has available for administrative matters.

Please search out ALL OTHER MEANS of obtaining what you may require, and leave the parish as a last resort. This is due to the ever-increasing work load on parish priests. A  donation of €25 to the parish through the link button on the front page of the site will be required. Should the priest not be able to help you in this regard you donation will be refunded in full. 

Archival records

For the request of archival parish certificates for a deceased family member, please beware of data protection policy as relating to living members of the deceased, and note the fee involved of €40 to be paid in advance (non-refundable). Proof of death may be required to proceed with the application, should an insufficient time from birth to the application date be sought. Please note the following: often the names and information relating to deceased ancestors is sketchy, so all possible research must be undertaken by the applicant to maximise the likelihood of finding a baptismal entry. The work is time consuming, and will require on average 4 weeks before a report is given. Until the 1940’s children were usually baptised within 2 days in rural Ireland, due to the high incidence of infant mortality. It has been noted that many people, particularly in the 19th century, took the names of older family members, to assist in overcoming emmigration age restrictions.

Anniversary mass


First Holy Communion