Welcome to our baptism page of the parish of Oughterard.

We wish to explain to you the meaning of this sacrament, what responsibilities are entailed by willingly bringing your child forward to receive baptism, and how to prepare for the special day when your child will be welcomed into the church as a child of God.
If you have understood all the various parts found in the tabs below and are happy with them, then please proceed to the baptism booking form tab, but NOT BEFORE GIVING DUE TIME TO REFLECT on the material outlined in the tabs below for your benefit. 

The Sacrament of Baptism is always a moment of great joy for a family as a new arrival into their life is welcomed into the spiritual life of the family of God. Baptism marks the beginning of a commitment to a life of faith lived out and supported by family, friends and the wider Catholic community. It makes the person who is baptised an adopted son or daughter of God the Father and, with Jesus Christ as a brother, a co-heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. As the child grows in understating and comes to greater appreciation of the content of their Christian faith they will be supported in their faith by the celebration of other sacraments of the Church such as Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. These Sacraments build on the foundation laid at Baptism and on the faith formation given by parents and extended family and the parish community. As the child grows into adulthood so too their full participation in the life of the Christian community in their local parish is encouraged and fostered. The Grace received at baptism is with us all through life. It is our joy and duty to reflect upon its significance and respond to it with willing hearts. This is the greatest use of our free will.

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