Church actions

This broad heading gathers together all the actions we wish to tackle as a living faith community. 

It will be under the guidance of the future pastoral council, and will plot out actions that we believe, as people of the Catholic parish of Oughterard, the Lord is calling on us to undertake for the good of the community.

As of September 2022, we will meet tri-monthly to discern what the Lord would like us to tackle, in faith, for the common good. It is interesting to note that this differs very much from “following your passions”, which we all enjoy. By discerning, we learn to hear other voices that may not be heard sufficiently, that may be struggling more than we know, and that we may be asked to help, support and comfort. It is a long term aim, that will be starting simply and humbly in September 2022.

Remember that I, as your parish priest, am calling on all adults to offer just 3 hours per month, with a 3-year commitment, towards faith-based actions and services. This is in honour of the Trinity, from whom all receive  life, protection, and the promise of salvation. It is a real and concrete way to say, “thank you for the wonder of my being”. Please be involved as we, please God, slowly rollout our actions. They will all be very simple, but very concrete. 

Thank you,

fr Michael