Confirmation 2025

for the Confirmation children to read

Welcome to your page for the Confirmation programme. This is a special year for you, and you may only understand a little bit of the powerful gifts you will be given, but that is OK. You will all, please God, have very long lives to discover the wonderful Love God the Father has for you, and how much he wants you all to to shine in the world like bright lights.

What is important this year for me to know?

Daily prayer time

Daily time of prayer alone, or with your family, is so important. What is prayer? It is our heart speaking to God’s own heart, and then listening to His heart speak to ours. We need stillness, silence to hear this soft and gentle voice. Even just the lighting a candle and remembering all that you have to be thankful for is prayer. Some families may support you with prayer, sometimes you may feel alone, but we are never ever alone. 

Regular Sunday mass

This will help enormously in understanding the unfolding story of Gods love in the Sunday readings week on week. See the front page of this website for mass times on the cloud calendar. As Confirmation children, you may be old enough to come to mass on your own, if it is safe. Remember, the more people who come to mass, the more life we give to the congregation. We NEED EACH OTHER, and the mass is the way par excellence of giving thanks to God. 

As part of the new Confirmation programme, all Confirmation children will be expected to help out during some of the masses during the year. You may do some of the prayers of the faithful, bringing up the gifts, and read reflections after Holy Communion. The parish team with parental help will organise a rota for all the children to participate. 

Participation in ALL the meetings required

Although you are very involved in sports, music and dance, you are asked to attend ALL the required meetings. This means you may have to miss out on some of your training sessions for this year. If you miss even one of the essential meetings, you will need to have a good reason, like illness (with a doctors cert) or a letter from your parent/Guardian (an essential family gathering for example). 

A child who does not fulfil this requirement will not be able to make their Confirmation this year. 

The Offline Challenge

What is the “off-line challenge”? All sacrament preparation children are strongly encouraged take the off-line challenge one weekend per month at least. This means they will have to avoid the use of ALL game consoles, tablets and phones, while limiting the use of TV to a maximum of 3 hours only. It is a very important exercise to unplug from media and again re-discover our inner life. This is essential for our growth as human beings and as Christians.

Question: can you see the relevance in the off-line challenge? Will you commit to do it, having one special weekend per month where extra quiet and reflection will become a part of your life. Discuss this with your parents or older family members.


Have fun!

remember… NO STRESS OR ANXIETY ALLOWED – THIS YEAR IS A GIFT FOR YOU! this is really important. You will be busy, but it is an adventure for you  to begin to plan out your future safely and soundly with your parents, school and parish community. ENJOY!