Why First Holy Communion?

Children and parents, you are about to begin a most blessed year of preparations for your FHC.
To receive the Body of Christ worthily is the greatest privilege. We want to help you as much as possible. Here are the main parts of getting ready to welcome the Lord Jesus into the “home” of your heart…

This years Mass dates are listed in tab FHC dates.

The  core elements of the child’s preparation for their FHC are…

1: Attendance at all of the allocated family masses listed in the FHC dates page. Should you not be able to make a specific date, you must email the parish office or one of the programme organisers ([email protected] or other, but not Fr Michael please) to notify us in advance, and then make arrangements for the child to attend mass in another parish on the same weekend (unless serious reasons do not allow this). WEEKLY SUNDAY MASS IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED, and may become a requirement in future years.

This year of 2023-2024 we will be introducing a new programme, where the children can have their weekly pages filled after each Sunday mass. 

2: Completion of the MyFaith book book with online  exercises 

3: Very importantly, in fact of most importance, create a real space for prayer and silence every day in your home. This is not an intrusion, but a chance to connect with God and with each other on a deeper level. This is where true peace comes from, not worldly comforts.

4: Ask your child to commit to the off-line challenge between now and their First Holy Communion.

What is the “off-line challenge”?

All sacrament preparation children are strongly encouraged to take the off-line challenge one weekend per month. This means they will have to avoid the use of ALL game consoles, tablets and phones, while limiting the use of TV to a maximum of 3 hours only. It is a very important exercise to unplug from media and again re-discover our inner life. This is essential for our growth and human beings and as Christians.

Remember, keep up your prayers, especially morning and evening, and let this special year unfold naturally for your child and your family.