spirit of catholic marriage

How do I understand better what Catholic marriage is, and how it differs from a civil wedding? What is its spirituality? The following are some reflections that hopefully will inspire you to understand more fully what your proposed marriage will mean to you and the world. God has a bigger plan for your life than you have, don’t be afraid. He loves you and is with you every step of the way.


Since spirituality is a way to live out one’s religious beliefs in everyday life, then a spirituality of marriage is a way to help husbands and wives live out the vocation of marriage in light of faith. A Catholic marriage holds a distinctive spirituality that is sacramental, communitarian, and missionary.

Marriage is sacramental because it is Christ’s unbreakable love for his people. In marriage, the couple’s life, love, and witness can make Christ visible to others. By their “yes” every day, their lives allow God’s love and action to be made more and more concrete in the various ‘spheres’ in which they operate. They bring hope to the world thus. All couples who took the Sacrament of Matrimony are invited to reveal God’s loving presence and generous action in the world.


It is communitarian. Married couples form a permanent, life-giving community. They live as communities that spread God’s blessings, reach out to heal the brokenness of the family and the world, and share their gifts with those around them. The life-long commitment allows the husband and wife to be their true selves, without pretence, with the commitment to become more and more their true selves with patience and love from their spouses throughout their lives. Children, should they be blessed with them, will learn what it means to be a child of God in this ‘domestic church’. Home will then be a school of Love.

Marriage is also missionary. Happily married couples show the others what it means to be in a loving relationship where Christ is the centre. They also let others know the gift of faithful married life and love. They have the potential to show others what it means to embody the life of the Holy Spirit within them. When they are tried by many varied crosses and upsets, their patient trust will give other couples hope to patiently and courageously endure what need to be undergone.


People that find a church community that shares and supports their spirituality have the best chance of growing in faith in their marriage. Couples are invited to let God work in their relationship in preparation, as an engaged couple, and for the rest of your life as husband and wife. The stages of married life can be compared to Jesus’ Transfiguration, Crucifixion, and Resurrection. The marriage vows can mean more to the married couple as they grow in the understanding that there is more at work in their lives than just each other.


Drawing on the wisdom of Christianity while reflecting on the lived experience of marriage, these questions can reveal that marriage is a sacrament that will teach us to die and rise over and over and that ultimately Jesus will give us grace as we go through the joys and difficulties of married life


How will faith in God help us through the stages of married life?

What do you think are the most wonderful, positive, joyous parts of married life?

What do you think are the most challenging, difficult, wrenching parts of married life?

Have you seen stages of dying and rising in your relationship so far?

Are we similar to each other in areas of religion and spirituality?



The Catholic Church teaches us to hold marriage as sacred. It is a gift from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image so that they may become one body. The vision of marriage for the Catholic Church is deeply rooted in the Scripture.


In marriage, the love between a man and a woman is blessed by God. Marriage is a union in faith and a response to God’s call to holiness. The couple becomes the symbol of God’s love on earth.


After the original sin was committed, He blessed them, saying, “Be fertile and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1: 27-28). The Scripture teaches that marriage is not simply a human institution. It is also something God established from the foundation of the world.

When Jesus Christ healed the people of sin and its effects, marriage is also recreated and made new in Christ. Jesus tells us that in the Kingdom of God, the original intention of God in the permanent union of husband and wife can be realized once more.


What is the Sacrament of Matrimony? Our Lord Jesus Christ has elevated marriage to the level of a Sacrament because of the deviations and disparities that marriage suffered under the Natural Law. In the bible we read of some disparities such as the introduction of polygamy and remarriage. This means, in more simple language, that up to our own devices human beings are not able to remain faithful to the demands of married life and seek ways ‘out’ more in keeping with our wounded natures. The demands of Christian matrimony are truly, at times, beyond our power to respond to sufficiently. This is not to be a source of discouragement. The Sacrament of matrimony confers a grace to the natural marriage that makes all things possible in Christ.


Family arises from marriage. In turn, they form the community. Parents, children, and family members form what is called the domestic church or church of the home – the primary unit of the Church. There is also a new perspective when it comes to the Sacrament of Matrimony. One spouse is meant to sanctify the other. Their offspring is not seen only as a means to populate the earth but, principally, Heaven.